Editorial| Volume 23, ISSUE 1, P2, March 2012

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Sam Robinson—a dedication

      Samuel Hugh Warburton Robinson was recognized worldwide as a leading airway-reconstruction surgeon for obstructive sleep apnea and a pioneer of new surgical techniques now used internationally where there is need for surgical treatment of sleep apnea.
      Sam was a dedicated teacher who never hesitated to share his constantly evolving knowledge and skills with colleagues in Adelaide, Australia, and throughout the world. He was motivated by a desire to improve quality of life and achieve the best possible results for his patients.
      He was the Head of the Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at Modbury Hospital and a senior visiting medical specialist at Flinders Medical Center. Sam practiced privately at the Memorial Hospital, North, Adelaide.
      Sam had a keen brain coupled with a rare ability to explain vital concepts in such a way that anyone could follow his line of thinking. He was always approachable and congenial, never arrogant or dismissive, and yet could staunchly and passionately defend his position on sleep surgery without marginalizing any participants in a debate.
      Sam lived life to the full, refusing to allow his long-term illness limit his experiences. In 1998, Sam was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He was treated intermittently over many years, but the disease responded well and he was fortunate to enjoy good health between treatments. In July, last year, the disease became more aggressive and his health deteriorated rapidly. Despite this, Sam remained positive to the end, playing the cards he was dealt with dignity and good humor.
      For all his professional accomplishments, Sam considered his family to be his greatest achievement. He was the loving husband of Jane and a dedicated father to Matthew and Joanna and treasured his time with his children.
      He was a man who all could aspire to emulate, personally as well as professionally, for his determination, compassion and bravery. Sam is irreplaceable and will be greatly missed by all those that he touched.